Pangea Mat & Cutter

Have you ever noticed that the continents seem to fit together like a puzzle? This data and more led to the theory of plate tectonics. Let’s build a clay model, and then expand it to explain how earthquakes, volcanoes, rock formations, and magnetism all fit together.

Dance of the Continents

Science is people, ideas, models and data that come together to tell a rich story filled with creativity, tragedy, perseverance, levity, and triumph. Let’s see how the story of plate tectonics embodies these elements with an original Broadway-style show from the TCU IdeaFactory inspired by the Pangea Mat & Cutter.

Plate Detective

“Plate Detective” is a tool that enables students to compile scientific data from sea floor topography, volcano distributions, earthquake distributions, sea floor age, and magnetic patterns to create a model of plate boundaries.

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