CAD Design Camp This July

The TCU IdeaFactory will be hosting Design Camp this July with help from the Fab Lab. Design Camp is a 3 hour session that allows students to learn the basics of computer-aided-design and 3D printing. All participants will have the chance to 3D print their own designs, which can be picked up the next day after each camp.  After completing the camp, students should be:

1)  familiar with sources of free CAD software
2)  understand the process of “idea” to plastic model
3)  have basic proficiencies in one or more CAD application software packages
4)  be aware of scanning strategies to “jump-start” design
5)  be aware of other free software packages that “jump-start” design


The cost of Design Camp is $100 and includes a t-shirt and voucher for subsequent printing job. Design Camp will be $20 for the TCU community.

Only 20 campers are permitted in each session.  There are no refunds upon enrollment.

Session 1A: July 18, 9-12
Session 1B: July 18, 1-4
Session 2A: July 20 9-12
Session 2B: July 20, 1-4
Session 3A: July 22, 9-12
Session 3B: July 22, 1-4

Costs for the camp support the TCU IdeaFactory and the educational mission of Texas Christian University.

To enroll, click HERE!