App Club.

The TCU App Club grew from a group of IdeaFactory Fellows. Mathew Antony, Dillon Burns, Jeffrey Myers and Jose Pacheco are the founding members.

TCU recognized the App Club formally in the Spring of 2014, and he first App Club Competition occurred that semester.


The App Club has adopted the model of the TCU IdeaFactory. It is committed to supporting students with education, resources awarded through the App Club Competition, and community education through outreach camps.

Each semester, the App Club;

1)  Identifies a club project
2)  Runs the App Club competition
3)  Runs camps for local K-12 students on App programming
4)  Supports club members in creative & entrepreneurial activities.
5)  Participates in formal & informal social/professional activities with the Neeley School of Business and the College of Science & Engineering

The App Club’s founding sponsors are Dr. Eric Simanek and the Mr. Danny Westfall of the TCU IT Department.

To contact App Club, email it directly through OrgSync or contact Dr. Simanek on the IdeaFactory homepage.


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About TCU Idea Factory

The TCU IdeaFactory is an educational initiative from the College of Science and Engineering aimed at providing TCU undergraduates out-of-the-box experiences in creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Eric Simanek, 817-257-5355

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